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The digital workspace for the creative that wants

mental clarity

Gather everything in one place, and never let an idea go to waste.

Collaborate in context, and stay focused in your flow.

We hear you

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  • scattered silos

  • folder and systems

  • filing and labelling

  • collaborate in context

  • moodboard mondays

  • mix and match

  • instant recall

  • look = search

You dream about

Seeing the big picture

You love collecting visual inspiration. But not if they’re littered across 10 platforms. Centralise them all in Visualist, and finally have a place to call your creative home. Bonus: it comes with that sought-after bird’s eye view.

You wonder if they could

Work with, not against, you

Should you save this in Minimalist or Architecture? The old folder system hinders more than it helps. In Visualist, clip a block to as many spaces as you want. Or none at all. You’ll be perfectly happy either way.

You want to

Get organised effortlessly

You know it’s a good habit (or so they say). But who wants to spend hours adding tags and renaming files daily? Let us do the grunt work with automatic tags and colour detection. Put the finishing touches if you need to, but we have a feeling you won’t.

You need to

Get on the same page

See what they are seeing. Skip the back-and-forth and make sure you’re talking about the same red dress (FYI, it’s the burgundy one, not the scarlet). Co-create delightfully and get to ‘yes’ in half the time.

You're tired of

Mundanity and repetition

You’re resizing, realigning, and re-realigning (for the 100th time). Save the headache by using our ‘tidy up’ button when making sets. Now you can reclaim those hours you previously wasted on low-value work. Make your time count.

You're itching to

Repurpose and remix ideas

Make the old new again. Reuse something from a friend’s set, crop an old pic, or simply build up a new set using old favourites. It’s time to deconstruct and reconstruct. Turn your idea library into your idea lab.

The pic from monday? If only you could

Remember where get to it, Stat

Lighten your cognitive load. No more head-scratching or folder-scavenging to remember where you saved it. Combine filters like tags, colours, and dates to zero in on what you need. Save the mindspace for creating.

You crave


Sometimes you know what you want, and keyword search gets you right there. But other times you want to meander. Create trails and have a taste of ‘inspiration-oriented search’. All the joy of stumbling upon rabbit holes, minus the fear of falling into them.

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